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Continued Timeouts

AJ McKee
After looking for a while I decided to deploy PowerDNS. However I have had a lot of problems so I am hoping they can be addressed here.

The first problem I have would be of timeouts. Domain lookups are quite slow and tend to timeout quite a lot.
I am using gmysql with the DB hosted locally but it’s a slave to a master server.

Secondly how do I create reverse lookup zones? type stuff. I am using PowerAdmin to manage the server.

The biggest problem though is the time outs.

I am connecting via the mysql.sock and have increased the connection threshold on mysql connections to 499. I have allowed for 10 to 25 receiver threads and read the docs on increasing performance and still nothing.

Server Ip is

Perhaps someone can advise me on how to tweak performanance a bit. Unfortunately this is now a live busy server, hence the anxiousness of me to sort this out. (Should have tested a bit more) I presume you may want more info also but please mail me off list for more info. I don’t want to take up all the threads ☺

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work