UKNOF dnsdist & PowerDNS 'parental control' presentations online

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UKNOF dnsdist & PowerDNS 'parental control' presentations online

bert hubert-3
Hi everyone,

We launched dnsdist 1.0 yesterday over at the UKNOF 34 gathering in
Manchester, and we also explained how PowerDNS can be used to implement
'child safe' or 'malware safe' browsing at large scale, a setup that
incidentally can also filter advertising. These things are mandatory in
some places.

The videos of both presentations are now online through:

The actual presentations are on: and

But they make more sense with the narrative in the videos. It is easier to
click on the URLs though :-)

Although some bits are UK specific, both presentations are generically
informative about PowerDNS Recursor and dnsdist.

Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions!

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