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lua script suggestions

Gustavo Villegas
Hi everyone,

i'm trying to make a LUA script 
but have some issues, apreciate your sugestions

added a class IP 
=> badips:addMask("NN.NN.NN.0/24")

and try to check if answer data is inside this class, something like:  "badips:match(rem)"

but in postresolve i get an error when I write : badips:match( v:getContent())
how can ask if the resolved IP is inside the class ?

I can change the IP adderss in postresolve with v:changeContent("")
how can i change the name "v:name"?

out objetive is redirect the answer if the query is inside a IP address range

or how can I redirect the response to a diferent name:ip address 
if the  request resolved for a IP address in a specified range ?

Hope can help,


PD. sorry for my english

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